The Golden Jubilee (Green), 2008



The Golden Jubilee (Green)
914 x 1219 mm | 36 x 48 in
Oil on canvas
Image: Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012


Solo Exhibition - 2010
Gagosian Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York , United States


‘The Golden Jubilee (Green)’ forms part of the ‘Famous Diamonds’ series of ‘Fact’ paintings. Exhibited as part of ‘End of an Era at Gagosian Gallery, New York, in 2010, the works are intended as catalogue of the world’s most illustrious jewels. The series is about illusion and reality. Hirst explains: “The paintings are big and garish, while real diamonds are small and beautiful.”[1]

[1]  Damien Hirst cited in ‘Epiphany: A Conversation with Damien Hirst’, Hans Ulrich Obrist, ‘End of an Era’ (Other Criteria/Gagosian Gallery, 2012), unpag.