New 'Colour Space' paintings to be exhibited at Houghton Hall

‘Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall: Colour Space Paintings and Outdoor Sculptures’ will see a new series of paintings exhibited alongside nine of Hirst’s sculptures.

‘Flesh Tint’ (2016). Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2018

9 January 2018

A new series of paintings, Colour Space, will be installed in the State Rooms at Houghton Hall for the exhibition ‘Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall’ from 25 March – 15 July 2018. The exhibition will include a number of the artist’s most celebrated sculptures, which will be installed throughout the 18th-century house and gardens.

The Colour Space series is a development of the iconic Spot Paintings which are among the artist's most recognised works. Where the Spot Paintings of the 1980s and 90s use the logic of mechanical paint application, the Colour Space paintings are looser and more organic in appearance. Six sculptures will be installed outdoors, including ‘Virgin Mother’ (2005–2006) and ‘Charity’ (2002–2003). Three sculptures will be installed in the house: ‘Saint Bartholomew’, ‘Exquisite Pain’ (2006) in the Entrance Hall, and two smaller kinetic sculptures from the artist’s “levitation” series – featuring air blowers and table tennis balls – in the celebrated Stone Hall.

Damien Hirst said: “I originally wanted the Spots to look like they were painted by a human trying to paint like a machine. Colour Space is going back to the human element, so instead you have the fallibility of the human hand in the drips and inconsistencies. There are still no two exact colours that repeat in each painting, which is really important to me. I think of them as cells under a microscope. It felt right to show them somewhere historic rather than in a conventional gallery space and Houghton’s perfect. It feels totally right.”