Les Fleurs du Mal

Fly painting included in New York exhibition exploring the influence of Gustave Moreau on modern art.

3 March 2016 – 9 April 2016
Group Exhibition, Nahmad Contemporary Gallery
New York, United States

Life Itself

Hirst's early work 'With Dead Head' (1991) on display in group show in Stockholm.

20 February 2016 – 8 May 2016
Group Exhibition, Moderna Museet
Stockholm, Sweden

Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out

Early Butterfly Colour Painting, 'Do You Know What I Like About You' (1994), included in exhibition at Denver Art Museum.

12 February 2016
Group Exhibition, Denver Art Museum
Denver, United States

In Different Ways

Hirst's spot painting, 'Phe-Val' (2005) exhibited in London group show exploring the diverse language of painting.

3 February 2016 – 24 March 2016
Group Exhibition, Almine Rech Gallery
London, United Kingdom

Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Collection: From Shōhaku and Rosanjin to Anselm Kiefer

'Dreams of Magnificence' (2008-2009) included in exhibition of renowned Japanese artist's personal collection.

30 January 2016 – 3 April 2016
Group Exhibition, Yokohama Museum of Art
Yokohama, Japan

Dead Animals, or the curious occurrence of taxidermy in contemporary art

Hirst's formaldehyde sculpture 'Away from the Flock' included in exhibition exploring the relationship between taxidermy and art at Brown University

23 January 2016 – 27 March 2016
Group Exhibition, David Winton Bell Gallery
Providence, United States

Phantom Bodies: The Human Aura in Art

Hirst's large 'Kaleidoscope' painting is included in a group exhibition exploring the human body in contemporary art.

30 October 2015 – 14 February 2016
Group Exhibition, Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Nashville, TN, United States

Beverly Hills 20-Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995–2015

One of Hirst's sculptures is exhibited as part of a show celebrating Gagosian Beverly Hill's 20th anniversary.

30 October 2015 – 19 December 2015
Group Exhibition, Gagosian Gallery
Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Black Sun

Hirst's fly painting is included in a group exhibition exploring the legacy of Kazimir Malevich's 'Black Square' (1915).

4 October 2015 – 10 January 2016
Group Exhibition, Fondation Beyeler
Basel, Switzerland

The Big Blue

Hirst's formaldehyde sculpture, 'Heaven' is included in an exhibition of work inspired by the sea.

25 September 2015 – 12 December 2015
Group Exhibition, Ordovas
London, United Kingdom