In Different Ways

Group Exhibition. Almine Rech Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

3 February 2016 – 24 March 2016

'Phe-Val' (2005)

Photograph by Prudence Cuming Associates
©Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights, reserved DACS 2016

The exhibition 'In Different Ways' at Almine Rech Gallery focuses on how artists have developed unique techniques—at times diverse within their own oeuvres—using a brush, airbrush, spray paint, silkscreen and even pouring paint, collaging a range of materials, questioning canvas and wood support structures, or a combination of these processes. Each work is representative of a unique, formal language, rooted in paintings’ extensive history while also looking towards new possibilities and interpretations for the medium in the twenty-first century.

Included in this show is Hirst's 'Phe-Val' (2005), from the 'Pharmaceutical' series of spot paintings. Referring to making these paintings, Hirst stated, “To create that structure, to do those colours, and do nothing. I suddenly got what I wanted. It was just a way of pinning down the joy of colour.”[1] The random and infinite colour series within the ‘Pharmaceutical’ paintings is integral to the works. Hirst explains that, “mathematically, with the spot paintings, I probably discovered the most fundamentally important thing in any kind of art. Which is the harmony of where colour can exist on its own, interacting with other colours in a perfect format.”[2] Any problems he had previously had with colour, Hirst claims, were removed by the perfect arrangement of complimentary, yet never repeated, colours in the spots.

This exhibition also includes paintings by Justin Adian, Will Boone, Joe Bradley, Günther Förg, Peter Halley, Simon Hantaï, Jeff Koons, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Blair Thurman and Christopher Wool.


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