Fun de Siècle

17 December 1999 – 14 February 1999
Group Exhibition, Walsall Museum and Art Gallery
Walsall, United Kingdom

The History of the Turner Prize

20 November 1999 – 23 January 2000
Group Exhibition, ArtSway
Sway, United Kingdom

Fourth Wall: Turner on the Thames

A series of films made by past winners and nominees of The Turner Prize were projected on to the Lyttelton Flytower at the National Theatre. The event was concluded with a live screening of The Turner Prize 1999. Hirst was represented by a screening of ‘Country House’, the music video he directed for Blur in 1995.

18 November 1999 – 30 November 1999
Group Exhibition, South Bank Centre
London, United Kingdom

Thin Ice

2 October 1999 – 9 January 2000
Group Exhibition, Stedelijk Museum
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Now It’s My Turn to Scream: Works by Contemporary British Artists from the Logan Collection

9 September 1999 – 9 October 1999
Group Exhibition, Haines Gallery
San Francisco, United States

Summer Science Exhibition

The annual Summer Science Exhibition showcases the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology research of the last year.

15 June 1999 – 18 June 1999
Group Exhibition, The Royal Society
London, United Kingdom

Leeds 13 - Fine Arts. The Degree Show

9 June 1999 – 18 June 1999
Group Exhibition, University of Leeds Fine Art
Leeds, United Kingdom

Examining Pictures

7 May 1999 – 27 June 1999
Group Exhibition, Whitechapel Art Gallery
London, United Kingdom


20 February 1999 – 20 March 1999
Group Exhibition, Museum Villa Stuck
Munich, Germany

Infra-slim spaces

12 February 1999 – 4 April 1999
Group Exhibition, Birmingham Museum of Art
Birmingham, Alabama, United States