23 November 2016

Gavin Turk 'Who What When Where How & Why' opens at Newport Street Gallery

Show marks the first major solo exhibition of the artist's work since 2002.
8 November 2016

Hirst works featured in display of David Bowie’s Personal Art Collection at Sotheby's

Two spin paintings and a formaldehyde piece are currently being exhibited ahead of auction in London
7 October 2016

Newport Street Gallery awarded RIBA Stirling Prize for best building one year after it opens

This weekend marks final chance to visit Jeff Koons ‘Now’ in the award-winning space
30 September 2016

Vote for Newport Street Gallery's nomination for the RIBA prize

RIBA and the BBC are inviting people to vote for their favourite building for this year's prestigious Stirling Prize
15 September 2016

Newport Street Gallery to present Gavin Turk solo exhibition

‘Who What When Where How and Why’ will run from 23rd November 2016 to 26th March 2017.
25 August 2016

Series of iconic Hirst prints goes on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington

The 'Last Supper' is exhibited in the museum's West Concourse Gallery
15 July 2016

Author retracts paper claiming formaldehyde levels in Hirst's work were dangerously high

It has been confirmed that there was never any risk to the public.
14 July 2016

Newport Street Gallery nominated for the 2016 RIBA Stirling Prize

Damien Hirst's South London gallery has been shortlisted for the prestigious architecture award.
21 June 2016

Statement regarding false rumours of live art event

Rumours published today about a Damien Hirst live art event at White Cube gallery are entirely false. There are no plans, nor will there ever be plans, for such an act.