A Bad Environment for White Monochrome Paintings

9 April 1994 – 31 December 1994
Solo Exhibition. Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, United States.

Photographed by Michael Olijnyk © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012

In the gallery, a 50-foot-long corridor of glass and steel separated the viewer from the installation. Four white monochrome paintings were included in the piece, three of which were sprayed with sugar water and hung on the walls. The last canvas was positioned horizontally to form a table in the centre of the room and sprayed with an adhesive. Maggots, contained within black bowls placed in front of the paintings, hatched into flies that stuck to the adhesive canvas surface. The initial pristine state of the gallery deteriorated with the increasing number of hatching flies throughout the exhibition.